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Advertising this Better-Run Community

The understandably poor reactions to the poly_atheists advertisements in multiple poly-related communities, and to the lameness and ugliness and more lameness in that community itself, have concerned me quite a bit.
  1. It fostered much confusion and negative comments and even rude comments about atheists in those poly-related communities.

  2. The community itself gave an extremely lousy impression of what atheists were about.

  3. And the moderator of that community was the worst of all, of course.

I am quite concerned that this mess just ended up making atheists look bad, perhaps even worse by confirming and adding to some people's already negatively-biased opinions of atheists. Very frustrating!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So, I was wondering if people would be comfortable with advertising this community in those places (and perhaps others), in better and more functional way that would represent us in a more reasonable and open way.

Perhaps something like:
Hi all! I would like to announce that a new community, poly_atheism has been formed. This is a place where like minded people will find an open forum to discuss issues and topics that we have in common, or just generally get to know each other. There will be no topic enforcement; almost anything goes.
And for those communities that we have no particular strong connection to, just that the previous announcements showed up there, we could add that "There is no particular connection to this group, we just wanted people who saw the previous announcement to see this one too." (Adding "to counter any negative impressions that one may have left" might be a bit much.)
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