Jamie Hankins (wight1984) wrote in poly_atheism,
Jamie Hankins

Atheist Ethics

I feel this follows on nicely from the previous post...

In particular for those non-spiritual atheists out there, where do you derive your ethics?

I'm sure we agree that it is a false statement that atheists can't be moral, but seemingly true that many 'sources of morality' that people adhere to aren't available to atheists.

We can't look to religious texts for codified ethics. We can't claim to be doing God's will or following a divine order. We won't be living up to a code of ethics for heavenly reward, fear of hell, or to avoid unwanted bad karma.

So what do you base your ethics on, and in particular your romantic/sexual ethics, and why?

How do you justify what you consider to be ethical? Or do you even try to justify it?
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