Jamie Hankins (wight1984) wrote in poly_atheism,
Jamie Hankins

Marginalisation of Atheists

fire_clarity has made a post on his community about 'making USA money constitutional'. Whilst I wouldn't want to encourage people to start defacing their money it does raise an interesting point.

The writing on money could be understood to have a marginalising effect on atheists. This strikes me as true, but at the same time a coin is still just a coin; without any wider marginalisation in wider society it can be shrugged off.

One of the reasons for communities like this is to create a more friendly atmosphere for atheists. Some members also think that it's important in reversing bad stereotypes of atheists.

I'd be curious to hear more about that. As an urban British atheist I find most people, poly or not, don't care about my atheism. I do realise that other people's mileage may vary, and possibly vary by quite a lot.

How many people here feel they get marginalised (et cetera) for their atheism, whether that be in general or specifically within poly circles?
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