Jamie Hankins (wight1984) wrote in poly_atheism,
Jamie Hankins

Judging religious people

One of the main complaints about atheists is that they are intolerant of religious people.

And from rather recent drama we know that is certainly sometimes the case. There are a number of (unfortunately rather loud and noticeable) atheists that vehemently dislike and hate religion and religious people.

I'm sure we can all agree that attitude is very silly.


I personally do not believe in God and I believe that people that do not agree are wrong as a logical consequence of that belief. I also believe that some varieties of religious belief are more sensible, more rational or less absurd than others.

I also believe that the more intelligent a person is the more likely they are to believe correct things. Hence I expect more intelligent people to tend towards certain kinds of belief, including atheism.

Naturally I won't dismiss someone as 'stupid', 'insane', or 'subjectivist' just because they aren't atheist, but more specific religious beliefs may make me lose respect for people.

So, I ask the members of this community; Are there any religious beliefs that you find off-putting? Are there any varsities of religious belief that would stop you from wanting to date someone? Are there any varieties of religious belief that would make you think someone is stupid or less worthy of 'respect'?
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