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poly_atheism's Journal

The intersection of polyamory and nontheism
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Polyamorous atheists, agnostics, and nontheists of all flavors, or anyone who wants to discuss.
This community is aimed at polyamorous atheists, agnostics, and all nontheists and skeptics, or people of any stripe who want to discuss those ideas. This is intended to be a genuine welcoming space for like-minded or curious people.

This is a place where like-minded people will find an open forum to discuss issues and topics that we may have in common, or just generally get to know each other. There will be no topic enforcement; almost anything goes.

For example, topics discussed here might include anything from intro posts to poly tolerance in atheist communities to comparing coming out as atheist or poly to theological issues.

This community does not allege a statistically provable correlation between polyamory and atheism.

Posters and commenters should be aware that only the rarest of moderation will be provided to quell dissent, debate, or rancor, and any post or comment is open to attack on its philosophical premise, logical construction, formatting and spelling, icon and userinfo, and connections to real or fictitious persons relevant or otherwise.

What not to do: Don't break our friendslists or get us fired for reading smut at work. If you have content that can't be rendered on a 800-pixel window, or that may be unsafe for certain work environments, put it behind a cut tag and label it as appropriate. Warnings will be scarce and limited to negligence. Clear malice brings the ban-hammer.