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Defining -ists

OK, this new community looks like it could be fun, although I missed all the drama and snark leading up to it... I recognize a number of you, hi :-)

I've defined myself as a Buddhist for a good 15 years. Yet I consider myself to be an atheist as well. I see no contradiction in this as I don't consider Buddhism at its core to be a theistic religion; to my mind, mindful living is the goal, and god/desses are culturally-dependent and basically optional.

I wonder though if I put Buddhism on my various social networking profiles, as I have, if that turns off people who are strongly agnostic/atheist because they might lump me in with other theists. I don't even formally practice Buddhism, currently; for me it's more a mindset and lifestyle.

I also have described myself in various places as "semi-pagan" but I'm realizing that is less and less accurate. I identify with the idea of honoring the Earth and with having open relationships, but neither of these require a religious or ritual structure. I have participated in a few pagan rituals at poly events and while they don't bother me, I can't really identify with the content. Unlike Buddhism, I'm thinking I should probably drop any stated affiliation with paganism as it really doesn't capture who I am well.

Just some random thoughts as my energy flags this late afternoon...
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